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Concrete Landscaping Ideas

Concrete was once a not so attractive alternative to a more expensive landscaping hardscape. Modern techniques have brought this versatile material back in vogue. While still an affordable alternative, concrete can add excitement to your front yard while still maintaining the low-maintenance advantage it’s always had.

Fresh Concrete Ideas for Your Front Yard

  • Concrete Walkways – Because concrete is poured wet, it can take any shape you like. Adding color, stain, or texture can add interest to any front walkway.
  • Stamped Concrete – Stamped concrete can take any form. Consider a geometric pattern or create a focal point like a compass or sun. Embed colorful tiles to add further interest.
  • Retaining Walls and Flower Beds – Build dimension in your yard by adding solid concrete walls and edging. Use stamped techniques or add siding or paint to increase the style.
  • Entrance Arch or Courtyard – If space allows, add visual impact and privacy with a private courtyard. Face concrete walls with flagstone, limestone, or wood for an additional spark.
  • Add Lighting – Pathway lighting gets an upgrade when embedded with a concrete walkway. Guide guests to your front door safely with this soft lighting option.

The choices are endless. Landscape architects are using concrete more and more in their designs. With its versatility and affordability, concrete can be a great addition to any front yard style.

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