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Monthly Archives: June 2023

    Buying a New Construction Home? A Few Tips To Avoid Panic

    By Jake Mannick | June 24, 2023

    A brand-new home! Who hasn’t dreamed of creating the perfect home from scratch and moving into a space that no one has ever lived in before. There’s something special about a fresh home, but remember, new doesn’t mean perfect. And it certainly does not mean that there won’t be imperfections, small or large, to contend... Read More

    How To Maximize Space in a Small Garage

    By Jake Mannick | June 17, 2023

    If it seems that new homes these days have included garages better suited for a tonka truck than a real one, it’s not your imagination. With land at a premium, home builders can maximize the living space square footage by skimping on the garage size. As a result, many homeowners are lucky to fit one... Read More

    Are Adjustable-Rate Mortgages Making a Comeback?

    By Jake Mannick | June 10, 2023

    Homebuyers have had a rough time lately. First, the frenzied housing market stymied so many offers and caused frustration due to lack of inventory. Now that the pace and prices are starting to drop, interest rates have ticked up to alarming levels. While some buyers are postponing their purchase, those still in the market are... Read More

    Market Outlook

    By Jake Mannick | June 6, 2023

    There’s been some concern lately about another housing market crash. Maybe you’ve read articles linking today’s environment with the Market Meltdown of 2008. Even with the talk of recession, this real estate market is very different and that means that most experts do not expect a crash, just a normal ebb-and-flow slowdown. There are some... Read More

    Get Rid of Unwelcome Critters

    By Jake Mannick | June 3, 2023

    Most people have heard that annoying sound – a mouse running through the wall or in the rafters of the garage. Often these problems can be solved quickly by luring them out and plugging the openings they entered through. But what if unwanted animals are in your chimney? With the colder weather, an evening by... Read More

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