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Monthly Archives: July 2022

    What is YIMBY?

    By Jake Mannick | July 30, 2022

    You’ve heard the term, “NIMBY.” The “not in my backyard” theme involves a group of residents working to prevent more development in their community. With the tight housing market and rising home prices, millennial buyers are complaining that they can’t afford to live where they work and play – and they want solutions. The need... Read More

    Could You Trust Your Partner to Pick the Right House?

    By Jake Mannick | July 23, 2022

    Couples dream of buying a home together, leisurely enjoying a latte while dropping by open houses to look at remodeled kitchens and manicured backyards. Today’s market is quite different. Desirable homes are snapped up the moment they hit the market, often with multiple offers. Homebuyers in this climate must move quickly. This may require jumping... Read More

    The Basics of Home EV Charging Stations

    By Jake Mannick | July 16, 2022

    Electric vehicles are becoming commonplace in American households. While these innovative cars may allow their owners to pass the gas station, but they still need fuel which means that access to a charging station is important to keep these owners on the road. To provide easy access to electricity, many owners are opting to install... Read More

    What Can You Expect The Second Half of 2022 In The Housing Market?

    By Jake Mannick | July 11, 2022

    Since the beginning of the year, the US economy has been cooling off. After several years of strong growth, rising inflation and energy costs are affecting US households in ways not seen since the 1970s. For those who are actively involved in the buying or selling of real estate, there is confusion and fear about... Read More

    Would You Buy Your Home Again?

    By Jake Mannick | July 9, 2022

    Buying a home is often an emotional decision; perhaps even more so than a practical, financial decision. Real estate marketing has recognized this for decades which is why agents have emphasized curb appeal and staging to their clients. Open houses have featured the smell of fresh baked cookies and soothing music, all in an effort... Read More

    The Benefits of Owning a Second Home

    By Jake Mannick | July 2, 2022

    As the world emerges from the pandemic era and begins to look for a new normal, we’ve all changed the way we look at homeownership and lifestyle. More and more, families are forgoing exotic vacations and using the savings to enhance their home for staycations. In addition to the home improvement boom, the second home... Read More

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