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Monthly Archives: March 2022

    Sellers: Expect Multiple Strong Offers this Season

    By Jake Mannick | March 26, 2022

    The winter season has traditionally been a slower time for home sales. The guidance in the past has been to wait for the warmer months of spring before listing. However, the current real estate market has created a strong seller’s market and if you’re considering a move, it may be better to sell now rather... Read More

    What Stays with The Home?

    By Jake Mannick | March 19, 2022

    More than one seller has been surprised to find that their favorite chandelier is not theirs to take when they move. First-time home sellers might be especially confused when confronted with an exclusion form presented by their agent, but understanding what is, and is not included in the sale by statute is important to avoid... Read More

    Tips to Protect Your Home from Flood Risks

    By Jake Mannick | March 12, 2022

    Your home does not need to be in a designated flood zone to be affected by water intrusion and damage. The process to repair and retrofit water damage costs homeowners millions of dollars each year. Regardless of the location of the home, simple checks and changes can help protect your property from flood and water... Read More

    Home Décor Goes Back to the Future

    By Jake Mannick | March 5, 2022

    It was only a matter of time until home designers looked to the 1980s for inspiration. Showrooms are looking more like a TV set of the Golden Girls rather than the bland, gray-toned backdrops of the past few years. Color, shapes, and playfulness are making a comeback. Bringing rooms back to life is the theme... Read More

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