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Monthly Archives: December 2020

    Tips for the First-Time Home Seller

    By Jake Mannick | December 26, 2020

    There is a lot of attention paid to first-time homebuyers. Most real estate agents and lenders have some kind of guide to help first-time homebuyers navigate their first home purchase, but what about the first-time seller? Selling your home for the first time can be just as confusing as a home purchase, so here are... Read More

    Tight Seller’s Market? Consider New Construction

    By Jake Mannick | December 19, 2020

    Most of the country is experiencing a very tight real estate market. Inventory levels are historically low, perhaps owing to the concern of strangers traipsing through the home during this time. Additionally, because most people are staying home, they have been able to focus on their property and how it fits into their lifestyle, emphasizing... Read More

    Motivated Seller – Make Me an Offer!

    By Jake Mannick | December 12, 2020

    Even in a strong seller’s market, a homebuyer might hear the words, “Make me an offer.” For a nicely appointed home that is well priced, this can be a surprise. Being invited to write an offer can often give the buyer pause. Most buyers will immediately wonder if something is wrong with the home. Did... Read More

    Ideas To Make A Small Bathroom Feel Larger

    By Jake Mannick | December 5, 2020

    Most people have dreamed of having a big beautiful home with a huge, relaxing bathroom where they can sink into the giant tub and unwind from the hectic day. Unfortunately, many of us are living with smaller bathrooms that feel dark and cramped. The good news is there are tricks you can use today to... Read More

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