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Monthly Archives: December 2019

    Buying a Home with an Easement

    By Jake Mannick | December 28, 2019

    If the home you’ve fallen in love with has an easement, you may be wondering how this affects you. An easement gives a person or entity the right to use part of your land, but only for a very specific reason. For example, a utility company may have an easement on your property to maintain... Read More

    5 Refinancing Mistakes to Avoid

    By Jake Mannick | December 21, 2019

    Mortgage interest rates are the lowest they’ve been in years and perhaps you’re wondering if it’s time to refinance your loan. Lenders advertising their refinancing services make it sound as easy as filling out a form and paying less each month. While refinancing does not need to be complicated, here are 5 common mistakes that... Read More

    Weekend Project – Organize Your Kitchen Pantry

    By Jake Mannick | December 14, 2019

    The kitchen pantry is one of those areas that can quickly become a mess. Older cans and boxes keep getting pushed to the back and forgotten. How many of us have found cans of green beans dating back a decade or two during a spring cleaning? Or a box of crackers that went stale because... Read More

    Heated Flooring – Is It Worth the Cost?

    By Jake Mannick | December 7, 2019

    It seems like everybody is remodeling these days. With everyone spending more time at home, not only are the dated features of our properties more obvious, but we also have the time and flexibility to meet contractors and supervise changes. New flooring is always a popular upgrade and heated floors are one option worth considering.... Read More

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