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Monthly Archives: March 2019

    5 Home Buying Acronyms You Need to Know

    By Jake Mannick | March 30, 2019

    For many, the idea of buying a new home can seem overwhelming; the reality is the process is rather simple once you understand the steps. Part of that understanding is learning the most common acronyms used in buying a home. Here is a quick reference list of the 5 most often used acronyms and how... Read More

    Things You Should Avoid After Applying For a Home Loan

    By Jake Mannick | March 23, 2019

    You’ve done everything right so far tt you’ve found a great lender, received a pre-approval and submitted your loan package for final approval. Now you’re done, right? Wrong. Until you close on your new loan, it’s more important than ever to keep your credit steady; most lenders perform one last credit check right before they... Read More

    4 Tips For Making a Competitive Offer

    By Jake Mannick | March 16, 2019

    Most areas of the country are experiencing a brisk real estate market. Well-priced homes are moving quickly and often sellers have multiple offers from which to choose. How can you make your offer stand out and put you in a better position to get the home? Fortunately, there are a few things you can do... Read More

    5 Tips for Starting Your Home Search

    By Jake Mannick | March 9, 2019

    Everyone wants to time their home purchase “just right.” Ideally, the picture-perfect “buyer’s market”; plenty of well-priced listings, low-interest rates and a slow-moving real estate market where the buyer has plenty of time to decide on an offer. The reality is that the current market is a fast-paced environment where the best homes move quickly... Read More

    Is the Investment to Make your Home a “Smart Home” Worth it for Resale?

    By Jake Mannick | March 2, 2019

    Over the past few years, smart technology has really blossomed into a huge market. With more and more devices offering connectivity and lower prices, almost all households have some kind of smart device in their home. While some smart devices are simply “nice to have,” many can actually increase the value of the home; if... Read More

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