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Monthly Archives: March 2017

    The #1 Reason Listings Expire

    By Jake Mannick | March 25, 2017

    Nothing is more frustrating to a home seller than to have their home sit on the market without an offer. Selling a home is a big decision, and an emotional one. By the time a home owner determines the time is right to sell, they are ready to move. In addition, keeping a home show-ready... Read More

    10 Key Principles of Interior Design

    By Jake Mannick | March 18, 2017

    Interior design is more than just picking a few throw pillows and adding an accent chair. Creating the right style, mood and ambiance is a thoughtful mixing of design elements to form the desired look. Natural stone, reclaimed wood, soft fabrics and subtle colors are all design tools which blend in just the right way... Read More

    Buying a Foreclosure – Pros and Cons

    By Jake Mannick | March 11, 2017

    About 10 years ago it seemed that almost every home listing was either a short sale or foreclosure. Fortunately, the US housing market has recovered and these distressed properties are less common. Still, there are foreclosures or REO (real estate owned) homes for sale and buyers who are searching for bargains tend to be drawn... Read More

    Comparing New Construction vs Resale

    By Jake Mannick | March 4, 2017

    New construction home developments have sprung up across the country. They show beautiful new designs in both living spaces and exterior details. But there are also good reasons to consider a resale home as well. We’ll explore the benefits of each so you can determine which suits your needs and goals better. Brand New Construction... Read More